About Erica 

I am small town girl who grew up in a Northern Nevada valley.  Maybe it is my small town values that allow me to appreciate life's finest details, beautiful scenery and foster close relationships with "good people."   I am an observer of life, but I will jump at any opportunity to seek adventure, learn and create.

 I use both film and digital mediums throughout my shoots. I love the authenticity, artistry, softness, grain, and true to life colors produced by film.  

I feel that connection is important in a photograph, however, I feel it is even more important who you are connecting with that matters most.  I want honest images that reflect my couples and their relationship with each other, which is why I will ask you questions that go deeper than the details of your wedding day.  I want to know who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple.  What do you love about each other, what makes your relationship your own, what makes you smile when you think of them?  I want to know how you hold each other, make each other laugh and in the end it is my goal for you to fall even more in love with each other.

If you are someone who loves authentic story telling, natural beauty and trusts a small town girl who leaves her heart everywhere she goes, then I know we will be the perfect fit.