Lindsey & Chad

 From the time Erica arrived until the time she left I felt like she was a part of my family! She never felt like a photographer! She made sure to write down the important photos I wanted and they were captured with such beauty. When Erica left at the end of the night I gave her a big hug because I felt like we were good friends in only a short 8 hours, her presence put me at such ease that day! Erica is such a warm person that makes your big day feel special and important. She made us feel like she had no other priorities but our wedding day! Not to mention her photos are perfection! They were everything I had asked for or ever wanted! Erica and her team also helped my day run smoothly; working through the timeline of the day, making sure my bridesmaids knew how to bustle my dress, reminding my parents to enjoy the day and then even bustling my dress when no one else was around. The effort put out by her team was impeccable! Erica's photos are soft and elegant! She has an amazing talent for capturing the light in a setting! She can take any setting and find the beauty! Erica made my day! 

Erica Streelman